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Children are the main casualties of a war for which they bear no responsibility whatsoever. Many in Ukraine are now living through miserable times. Nobody can be unmoved by this. We must embrace them and again provide a safe environment for them. Since the brutal Russian invasion, there have been reports of destruction and damage to thousands of Ukrainian schools. Schools should offer social contacts, security, support, structure, development and a diversion to the millions of children who have gone through the tragedy of this ruthless war.

At the moment, the repairs to schools, other buildings and infrastructure in the non-occupied areas are taking place step by step, as the donations and budgets allow. Indeed, essential repairs in Ukraine will take many years. Of course, Ukraine itself will not be able to pay for this in full. This is because, among other things, the Ukrainian economy has shrunk dramatically as a result of the war. Therefore, support from foreign governments, NGOs, private investors and donors is absolutely necessary. After all, we should not forget that the Ukrainian people have paid a heavy price in also defending our democracies, our freedoms and our prosperity. We will never be able to make up for that immense sacrifice in an appropriate way. Yet, numerous small private contributions from many ordinary people will make the difference. After all, when we stand together we are the most powerful peacekeeping force in the world!


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